צריכים אתכם להרחבת המסורת – לעמוד תרומה

Every testimony
deserves to be heard

Their Testimony,
Our Responsibility.

One of the components of Zikaron BaSalon events is the live testimony. These stories connect us all and give presence to the absolute evil that ruled during that time.
We believe that each and every testimony and story must be heard. If you know a Holocaust survivor – a family member, a neighbour, or even someone via a mutual connection – anyone who can give their testimony, talk to us.
We’ll take care of the rest.

But more importantly, with the future in mind – you can share the story of a family member who survived or was murdered during the Holocaust at Zikaron BaSalon events. This is how we keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.

Testimonies from the Past Will Keep the Memory Alive in the Future.

The USC Shoah Foundation was established to record the testimonies of Holocaust survivors and make sure their voices are not lost in time.

Together, our mission is to bring these voices into people’s homes around the world and echo their stories. This collaboration ensures that even after all Holocaust survivors are long gone, their voices will still be heard and their memories will live on.

Agnes Adachi (English)

Kurt Thomas (English)

Edith Eger (English)

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