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Where do we start?

Each Zikaron BaSalon event is unique and feels different.
The evening may take its course as it progresses, but planning is
recommended. To help you do that, we prepared a host kit based
on everything we’ve learned from our experiences in Salon events.

Simple Preparation - Meaningful Experiences

Every Zikaron BaSalon gathering requires simple preparation. Preparing the content in advance will help create a more meaningful experience.

Zikaron BaSalon is a journey through time

Remember the Past

As long as there are Holocaust survivors among us, we must listen to their testimonies.

But unfortunately, we know that one day, not so far off, the last survivors will be gone. We must pass on the memory of the Holocaust to future generations. For this part of the Salon event, we can connect you with a speaker, a survivor or a descendant, who will join your event and share their family’s story

Recorded and Written Testimonies

Testimonies are a valuable resource and are meaningful and important for Holocaust commemoration. If you do not have a speaker at your Zikaron BaSalon event, we invite you to choose a testimony from our library and shape the rest of the event around it.

The Story of Klara “Clare” Galambos-Winter

The Story of Hanka Pressburg

The Story of Johan “Hans” Klisser

Testimony of Green & Hoffer Families

Testimony of Rosa Marie Burger

Testimony of Jakob Blankinty

Feel the Moment

Survivors’ testimonies are impactful. Now is the time to let them sink in and give our emotions space.

This is the time to think about what we just heard, accompanied by music, a song, a written passage or whatever you think can help create the atmosphere you want to achieve. We recommend you select the piece to be featured in this part in advance, and invite other participants to prepare something they would like to share with everyone.

Playlists & Texts

Click below for a library of songs, poems, and texts we like to share. You can feature any piece that you think matches the tone of your event.

Dunia Rosen

Elie Wiesel

Martin Niemöller

The 3G Soundtrack, English

Playlist Zikaron Basalon YouTube

Zikaron Basalon Playlist Spotify

Shape the Future

Open conversations are the place to raise relevant burning questions.

After an evening of listening and sharing, it’s time to talk about what we’ve learned, from the Holocaust and the testimony we heard. This discussion is a safe space. A place to ask even the most difficult questions; a place to discover the lessons we can take with us and pass on to future generations. A safe space that is aware and respectful of different opinions and beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers, and the end of this discussion is unforeseeable.
The host can lead the conversation or choose someone else to lead it. As long as we listen to each other — we’re fulfilling the whole purpose of the event.

Discussion Topics

The following discussion topics and prompts are purely suggestions. Your discussion should be consistent with the evening you planned and the testimony you heard.

Holocaust vs Genocide

How do we teach about the Holocaust

The Memory of the Holocaust, Then, Now and Tomorrow

We’re Thankful for Every Speaker

Every person who shares their testimony deserves our gratitude. Click below to download a certificate of appreciation to print and give to the speakers at your event.

Each Event is Shaped by the People Who Take Part in it.

There is no one true formula for a successful Zikaron BaSalon event. It can be in person or virtual, and differ in the content and in the topics the event focuses on. Each host can design their own event as they see fit. We’ve prepared various event plans to help you shape your event, taking into consideration the participants and the topics you want to talk about.

The Power of Family

Loneliness and isolation

Human kindness

Nothing Will Break Us

Memories Can be Shared Everywhere

Every room can turn into an intimate space for people to gather and share deep moments with each other, whether it’s an office space or a meeting room. Hundreds of companies and organizations have made Zikaron BaSalon events part of their annual tradition. On our host’s page, we offer a variety of plans for turning your office into a living room, a space where thoughts and emotions are exchanged.

We Are Always Happy to Help.

We’ve created a huge library of tools, event plans and kits to help you create an unforgettable and empowering event.

How exciting that you chose to host a Zikaron BaSalon!

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