It’s a story about creating a new tradition, to keep the memory alive.

Zikaron BaSalon is an initiative of people who decided to take action and create a new way – more intimate, meaningful and accessible – to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.

A Lesson That Is Always Relevant

It all started with a need. From a group of young people who felt they needed to connect with the meaning behind the national Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day on a more personal level. They decided to take matters into their own hands and held the first Zikaron BaSalon event in their private living room. More than a decade later, Zikaron BaSalon has become a new tradition, with millions of hosts, participants and speakers taking part in events around the year, all over the world, eager to hear personal stories from those who were there and tell them forward.

Great People Make Great Encounters

The community behind Zikaron BaSalon includes hosts, participants and speakers taking initiative every year and together create meaningful events. Our volunteers help connect hosts with speakers and work in many ways to ensure this tradition continues and expands. Our community keeps the memory of the Holocaust relevant, even after all Holocaust survivors are no longer with us.
Every person that takes part in a Zikaron BaSalon event – no matter how active – helps keep this memory alive.

Become Part of Our Community

Join the Zikaron BaSalon family, and take an active role in our important mission of bringing the memory of the Holocaust to more people around the world.

Great Experiences Create an Impact

“Holocaust Remembrance Day: Zikaron Basalon gives everyone pause to think”

The Jerusalem Post, 28 APRIL 2022

“Remember: Tel Aviv Holocaust Survivor Relays Powerful Story to Journalists in Living Room Setting”

CBN News, 20 January 2023

“Digital partnership takes Zikaron BaSalon’s Holocaust testimony events global״

The Times of Israel, 25 April 2022

Members of the board

Adi Altchuler

Doron Livnat

Elie Wurtman

Avner Halperin

Arie Zuckerman

Tal Alexandrovitz Segev

Dana Sender-Mulla

Eytan Stibbe

Join the Devoted Volunteer Team of Zikaron BaSalon

We are looking for people who want to keep the memories alive. Friends who will join us on this journey. Join the global community of Zikaron BaSalon.

How exciting that you chose to host a Zikaron BaSalon!

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