By the year 2035, there will no longer be any Holocaust survivors to tell their stories. We are their voice.

As Long As We Remember - We Keep Them Alive

Our program “Life, Story” was developed out of the realization that things we can do today we won’t be able to do tomorrow. “Life, Story” enables each of us to gather testimonies from Holocaust survivors, and turn them into a story to be told to future generations.

In this program, we connect you with a Holocaust survivor who is interested in passing on their memory to future generations. We will guide you on how to collect testimonies thoroughly and sensitively and will prepare you to become speakers in your Zikaron BaSalon events – in your home or at work – to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust remains alive.

The testimonies are from survivors, but you are their voice. You are not a vessel, but an echo that resonates into the future.

How It Works

Two elements that run in parallel:


4 personal meetings with the Holocaust survivor. Documenting and writing the testimony and presenting the testimony at a Zikaron BaSalon event.

Forming a personal connection

Alleviating loneliness

Learning the story

Passing the memory forward


4 group training sessions, and one final session to present the stories of the survivors.

Tell it Forward: kick-off session

In this session we will hear the story of Zikaron BaSalon and the “Life, Story” program, and answer all your questions.

Holocaust Survivors: All You Need to Know

What is it like to meet a Holocaust survivor? How to build a “Life, Story”?

Telling the Story

How to turn all the information we gathered into a cohesive story?

Final Preparations

What to expect in the living room? It’s time to echo the “Life, Story”

Conclusion & Summary

The training culminates in a Zikaron BaSalon event, and ends with a concluding session the following day.

What You Gain When You Tell Someone Else’s Life Story

Soft Skill Development

  • Storytelling abilities
  • Leadership
  • Tools for building trust and meaningful relationships


  • A platform for your voice
  • Increasing your sense of self-worth
  • A rare opportunity to do something truly good

Personal Fulfillment

  • A life-long empowering experience
  • Forming meaningful intergenerational relations
  • Taking an active part in shaping Holocaust remembrance


Why You?

Because many Holocaust survivors feel uncomfortable telling their stories to their children and grandchildren. Because many family members feel uncomfortable sharing their parents’ stories with the public. Because many stories need professional help in editing and preparing — so that we can keep telling them.
It’s our duty, as a society, to take on this responsibility and not leave it to someone else.

An Important Mission

Holocaust survivors survived the darkest time of human history. They inspire us. They empower us. Through their life stories, we can learn about the past, and work together so that the atrocities they experienced will not happen again. It’s our mission to keep telling the stories of the Holocaust after they are no longer among us. This is an opportunity to take part in a special project that is important, interesting and contributes to society.


  • Can anyone join the program?

    Yes. Everyone can help in promoting the mission of passing the torch of memory. At this stage, the program is aimed at companies and businesses, and will soon be available to the public.

  • Can program participants host events in their living room?

    Absolutely! Many hosts also give the testimonies in their own events. It’s a very special and exciting experience.

  • What if I have stage fright?

    No worries – we will walk you through all stages of the program, from learning the story, to building and eventually presenting it. Most Zikaron BaSalon events are intimate and communal, and you can choose who you want to share the story with.

  • Do I have to stay in touch with the Holocaust survivor after the program ends?

    That’s for you to decide. You can stay in touch with the Holocaust survivor you met during the program, or we can guide you on how to end your contact with them. Their story will continue to live with you.

  • What kind of support do we receive during the program?

    The program offers an instruction session and 3 training sessions and includes a Zikaron BaSalon team member to help with dilemmas and questions throughout the program.

  • Meeting a Holocaust survivor sounds a bit intimidating… How can I bridge the generation gap, and get them to tell their story?

    It’s completely natural to feel this way. This is exactly what we talk about in our first training session

  • What is the difference between this program and a “classic” Zikaron BaSalon event?

    This program trains future speakers for Zikaron BaSalon events.
    Today, the speakers are usually the survivors themselves or their descendants. In this program we also invite people who are not descendants to get to know a story and pass it forward in living rooms. It’s our responsibility.

How exciting that you chose to host a Zikaron BaSalon!

We will reopen registration later this year.
In the meantime, please leave your details in the link below. We will send you a reminder once registration opens.

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