Zikaron BaSalon
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Interested in participating in a Zikaron BaSalon Gathering?

Register as a Guest and you will be able to see if there are any Zikaron BaSalon gatherings in your area as well as digital Zikaron BaSalon meetings that are open to the public.
Once you find a gathering to join, you will be able to contact the host for further details.

What should I bring to the gathering?

First, bring yourself with an open heart. 
After you contact the host you can suggest preparing something to share with the participants, bringing a musical instrument or offer help with the logistics of the gathering.

Can't find a gathering in
your area? Become a host!

Hosting Zikaron BaSalon is easy and meaningful. We have all the materials to help you organize a successful event.


  • Who can host a Zikaron BaSalon?

    Everyone can host a Zikaron BaSalon – in your living room with close friends, in the yard with the neighbours, at your office with your colleagues or on Zoom.

  • What does Zikaron BaSalon look like?

    Zikaron BaSalon consists of three parts: a testimony by a person, usually a Holocaust survivor or second-generation (may be written or recorded); an expression part where participants may sing, read, act out, or share something important to them; and an open conversation part on a variety of topics related to the memory of the Holocaust.

  • Do I have to follow the Host kit?

    Absolutely not. Zikaron BaSalon is an open-source initiative in which people shape their own experiences. The structure of the event and the use of the content we provide are only suggestions to make your Zikaron BaSalon event easier to host and organise.

  • Can I host a Zikaron BaSalon with my family?

    Yes! A family Zikaron BaSalon, personal and intimate. You can use our family host kit.

  • Are their training sessions for Zikaron BaSalon hosts?

    In the weeks before Holocaust Memorial Day, training sessions are held in the communities and online.

  • Who can speak at my Zikaron BaSalon event?

    We at Zikaron BaSalon make great efforts to find Holocaust survivors or second-generation who will come and share their stories in your living room. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it.
    We recommend that you ask your friends, acquaintances and neighbours. Almost everyone has a family story, so why look so far?

Join the Devoted Volunteer Team of Zikaron BaSalon

We are looking for people who want to keep the memories alive. Friends who will join us on this journey. Join the global community of Zikaron BaSalon.

How exciting that you chose to host a Zikaron BaSalon!

We will reopen registration later this year.
In the meantime, please leave your details in the link below. We will send you a reminder once registration opens.

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